An island of abundance…

…providing access to the most remote valleys

A levada system covering the island on more than 1,200 miles…

…favorable to the blooming of the most beautiful flowers

A volcanic soil…

…still existing in the world

The largest primary laurel forest…

…offer spectacular landscapes

Its rugged mountains and sheer cliffs…

…in the heart of the Atlantic ocean


Our tours

Discovery tours

Discovery tours

We invite you to discover the lush flora and fascinating history of Madeira, vestige of the Portuguese colonial period.

And if you feel like it, we invite you to stop off in Lisbon to discover a lovely and colorful city !

Our discovery tours

Adventure tourism

Adventure tourism

Welcome to the Flower Island !

Located 700 km (430 mi.) from the Morocco coast, Madeira combines a legendary mild climate with a lush flora. Shaped by volcanism and erosion and gullied by subtropical rainfalls, its 740 km² (285 square miles) are divided into a series of stunning sceneries: sharp peaks, waterfalls and deep valleys, terraced crops growing on the steep slopes and irrigated by an extensive levada system, rugged coastlines, not to mention the Paul da Serra plateau and its timeless atmosphere.

Submit to the powerful pull of nature which will most certainly please hikers, cycling enthusiasts as well as canyoning lovers.

Mon-voyage-à-Madè offers a wide range of tours aimed at people who want to explore the island while engaging in sports activities.

Special tours

Special tours

We invite you to get a new perspective on Madeira that will delight your taste buds, and as close to the local population as possible…

Mon-voyage-à-Madère offers you 2 special tours :

Customized Tours

Customized Tours

Do not hesitate to contact our Madeira experts who will organize personalized travel packages for :

  • Meetings and incentive trips
  • Honeymoons
  • Thematic tours

Customer Reviews

We will keep wonderful memories of our stay in Madeira. We hope to be able to go back very soon to take the tours we didn’t have time to take.

Mr. and Mrs. TERRIER

Everything went off very well. Great program, very detailed hiking guidebooks, perfect taxi transfer service.

Mr. and Mrs. FALCONE

We hiked, visited, and took road trips; I think we explored (almost) everything… Thanks again for planning our trip.

Mr. and Mrs. DURAND

Our guide was perfect. Everything went off wonderfully thanks to his extensive experience, his availability and his efficiency on difficult routes.

Véronique David – Crédit Agricole Works Council – May 2016

We had a very pleasant stay both in terms of accommodation and the Madeirans’ hospitality. Thank you for your advice and for picking us up at the end of our stay.

Mr. and Mrs. DUBOST – April 2016

Our trip went off very well. We had a good time and are very pleased with the services provided.

Mr. and Mrs. SOULIGNAC – April 2016

Faultless organization whether it is for the choice of quintas, tour suggestions, car rental or the return transfer by taxi. Thanks again for your professionalism which was greatly appreciated and that we will be surely calling for once again.

Mr. and Mrs. GUYOT – April 2016